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Check out the feature article in Wines and Vines!

Check out the feature article in Wines and Vines on our Recycling Tunnel Retrofit Incentive Program!

Thank you to Cozine Creek Planting Volunteers!


I would like to thank the Sunrise Rotary Club members, Chemekata students and local community members that participated in our Cozine creek project work party behind the McMinnville police department on November 17th.  Over 20 people attended on a pretty gloomy Saturday morning to plant over 200 trees and shrubs along the riparian area.  A big thank you for their hard work; we couldn’t have done it without you!

George Fox Biofalls beginning install!

The district is working with George Fox to do some work on campus in order to improve how storm water makes its way to Hess Creek.  The district helped George Fox by helping them apply for an OWEB small grant, which is to work on watershed improvement projects.

This project is installing what we are calling “biofalls” to the area where the outlet pipe from Fulton St parking lot drains into Hess Creek.  Now the outlet pipes have about a 10 foot drop which is causing massive erosion problems.

The installation of the biofalls will regrade the area to eliminate the drop from the pipe, add rocks to reduce velocity of the water coming from the pipe and create pools to allow for the storm water to settle before entering Hess Creek.
Construction will begin in the next week or two and the end product should look like this..

Look for an update in the next few weeks!

Rain Water Storage Project Installed!

District Resource Conservationist, Mike Crabtree, has just completed work on a rain water storage project with Jim Botten, a local landowner who has cows and sheep on his property.  A 20,000 gallon tank array system was retrofitted to the existing well system.  Stock animals had been watered by using water from the well, which used about 50,000 gallons of water a year.  Now, this system will fulfill stock animal watering needs throughout the summer season and water from the well will only be needed as back up.

Rain water storage tank arrays can be cost shared both by federal cost share programs or grants through the Oregon watershed enhancement board.

Mowing to begin on Cozine Creek


The area behind the McMinnville Police department is going to be looking a bit different after tomorrow.  We are working in conjunction with the City to remove the blackberry briars and japanese knotweed that is along northeast bank of Cozine Creek and replant with native trees and shrubs.  Since the bank is so steep, the mowing will be followed up with hand crews to clear the whole bank. The plant material will be left to act as ground cover and suppress weeds.

After the bank has been mowed, we will follow up with a spray of the regrowth this fall.  Next summer we will remow the area and spray it again.  Planting will occur in spring of 2013.

A big challenge with this project is going to be the planting.  The bank is mostly fill material, not ideal for growing trees.  Our planting list includes: Oregon Ash, Oregon White Oak, Doug Fir, Big Leaf Maple, Red Flowering Current, Nootka Rose, Oregon Grape, Spirea and Pacific Ninebark. We will also be planting blue wild rye for grass cover.

Be ready for the Cozine’s new look!