Ag-Water Quality

In Yamhill County we have an Agricultural Water Quality Plan that was developed in cooperation with Oregon Department of Agriculture, Yamhill and Polk County SWCDs and  a local advisory committee that consists of local land owners.  The plan sets guidelines for minimizing pollution from agricultural sources into creeks and rivers.

The intent of the plan is:

  • Enhance water quality, addressing state and federal standards
  • Encourage voluntary conservation efforts by landowners
  • Conduct education programs to inform operators of water quality issues and conservation solutions
  • Allow farmers and rural landowners the flexibility to choose appropriate methods to meet water quality goals
  • Provide enforcement provisions for landowners, operators or occupiers who refuse to work towards meeting water quality standards

To this end we work with rural landowners to prevent erosion of sediment and nutrients (chemicals, manure, etc) into our streams and rivers as well as re-establishing riparian buffers through promoting Best Management Practices (BMPs).  The District works as a non-regulatory body that will commonly contact landowners if a complaint has been made to the District regarding concerns about water quality.  We work with landowners and operators to reduce their impact on water quality though mutually beneficial solutions to both landowners and the land.

Please Contact Marie Vicksta at the District if you have any questions regarding the Ag-Water Quality Plan, 503-472-1474 ext 108.

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